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Deutsch 2

Click here for your homework assignments:



Scroll down for links to grammar practices (Grammatik Übungen).



Willkommen in Deutsch 2 Klasse!  During this year you will be learning more vocabulary, and culture about German speaking countries.  You should always remember that learning a language is difficult and that it takes time and a lot of hard work.  You have some vocabulary and some skills and this year we will be improving on them.   You will be increasing your vocabulary daily and practicing the vocabulary you are learning.


Our class will consist of listening, speaking, reading, writing and most of all learning new vocabulary.  Grades will be taken on many of the activities.

Homework will be graded on a 5-point scale.  5=all work completed, 3=most or half of the work completed, 1=you started it and 0=you did no homework.

Listening will be graded on participation during the activity. 5=on task during listening, 3=on task half of the time and 0=did not participate.

Speaking will be graded on participation during the activity. 5=on task during the speaking activity, 3=on task half of the time and 0=did not participate.

Quizzes will be worth 30 points.  These will consist of reading a German phrase and writing the English meaning.  You will have 2-3 quizzes per chapter.

Tests will be worth 100 points.  These will consist of all information (readings, writing, listening and speaking activities from the chapter)

Performance Assessments are assessments that consist of projects, role-plays or other activities that will accurately

assess what you know in German.



Grammatik Übungen


Herr Shea’s website- Many links to numerous activities in German.


Komm mit 2- Exercises from the publishers of our book.  Use the correct key work for the chapter you want to practice.  Remember to use  your password.  Chapters 1-3 WKO Bayern, Chapters 4-6 WKO Hamburg, Chapters 7-9 WKO Stuttgart, Chapters 10-12 WkO Berlin



In der Stadt



City1 - Vocabulary practice for places and things in the city.



Kapitel 1

Adjectives1-puzzle vocabulary practice for adjectives

Adjectives1a – another puzzle vocabulary practice for adjectives

Adjectives2 – spell practice for adjectives

Adjectives2a – another spell practice for adjectives

Adjectives3 – matching practice for adjectives

Adjectives3a – another matching practice for adjectives

Sport1 – puzzle vocabulary practice for free time activities

Sport2 – spell practice for free time activities

Sport3 – matching practice for free time activities




Kapitel 2

Chores – puzzle vocabulary practice for household chores


Chores2 – spell practice for chores


Chores3 – matching practice for chores

Modal – puzzle vocabulary practice for modal verbs